Race, Semantics and Policing

I am just going to start this one off saying that the police really should not be shooting anyone unless it is absolutely necessary. For instance if a student runs his car into a crowd of his peers then exits wielding a knife, a cop would be justified in using lethal force. I cite the Ohio State attack because SJWs at the university feel a need to protest this officer’s decision to end the threat before anyone else was hurt.

You could literally take this instance and use it as a utilitarian question. 1 knife wielding, car ramming attacker or the student body? Which do you choose?

Anyways, ‘systemic’ doesn’t just imply, it means that there is an institutional backing for a certain practice. Therefore, ‘systemic racism’ is racist acts carried out as a matter of policy rather than individual biases.

I will never make the claim that all police are perfect beings without a single ounce of prejudice. Of course there are some racist police. They are humans not robots; it’s only natural that they have their own inclinations which may or may not align with those of society.

That being said, the last I checked there are no policies directing police to target racial minorities. If some evidence comes out to the contrary, I will gladly retract that statement but to my knowledge there is none.

Arguing about systemic racism in policing is a hard one to make largely because of the definition of ‘systemic’ and the lack of substantiations. However, if there are still those SJWs hellbent on using the fun new word, they should direct it towards the legal system the United States government and big business has orchestrated over the past 40 years.

There it might be accurate to state something like ‘the current legal system has a systemic bias towards harsher punishments for less wealthy citizens.’ The legal system is a machine. It only cares about one color and that is green.



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